Breakthrough in Random Number Generation

The generation of random numbers has been an interesting problem for mathematicians for thousands of years. Old methods of random number generation include rolling dice, flipping coins and shuffling playing cards, but using these techniques for producing large numbers of sufficiently random numbers is extremely time-consuming. Of course, there are now computer programs that can generate random numbers that meet the statistical definition of randomness. But many of these are inadequate in producing truly random numbers, as they use mathematical formulas or pre-calculated lists. After all, if a number can be computationally produced in such a way, then it can be predictably reproduced again, making these numbers pseudo-random rather than truly random. Now, two University of Texas at Austin computer scientists have made what many experts are calling

Announcing Copyfight Preview

Copyfight today announced the immediate availability of Copyfight Preview, a beta release of its much anticipated copy protection solution. This breakthrough tool empowers publishers and authors to deliver protected content, quickly and easily. Whenever a new technology arrives, it typically evokes a flurry of
questions and predictions about what it will do as a long awaited solution.